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Age: 31 years, Muslim: Sunni | Ajmer , Rajasthan , India
Last activity datetime: 8/9/2012 12:12:20 PM
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Member ID: MNRI14649
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Address: ***************************r kote

Email ID: ************************

Postal Code: ******001

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Has Verified Telephone: No

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About Me And My Partner Expectations

Assalamu alaykum i am not a very good writer and it become more hard when you have to write about yourself but still will try. i was born in Ajmer, india completed my schooling and college from here and after doing a diploma in hotel management i worked for a 5star hotel for 2 years later i quit that job. Currently i have a couple of retail garment showrooms and i am handling that from past 3 years, as i was born in a muslim family so i was taught to pray and read Quran but i was not a practicing muslim always, i just used to pray Juma'ah Prayer and sometime only Qadah salah and that too because my parents used to force me. But 2 years back a brother of mine persuaded me to pray and he continuously taught me more about islam and gave me books to read and with the Blessing of Allah(Subhanahu wa ta'ala) i am now praying 5 times a day and rarely miss my salah and read Quran daily with tafsir. My ultimate goal now is to strive hard for jannah and work accordingly as told by Allah(Subhanahu wa ta'ala) in Quran and according to the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad(Sallahu alayi wasallam), i am planning to leave my business and join some Islamic university so that i can do Dawah work may Allah(Subhanahu wa ta'ala) grant me success in that. i am very shy kind of person and i don't get mixed up with people easily, i love adventure and travelling a lot like to explore new places. i have very keen interest in history and give my most of time reading. if you have any questions please feel free to ask. jazakAllah khair for reading my profile

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Name   Register & View ⇒   Age 31
Gender Male Marital Status Single
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Blood Group Not Provided Height   Register & View ⇒  
Special Case None Weight   Register & View ⇒  
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Social & Religious Background
Religion Muslim Caste Sunni
Community Rajasthani Star Dont Know
Raasi Dont Know Manglik/Kuja Dosham   Register & View ⇒  
Eating Habit   Register & View ⇒   Smoking Habit   Register & View ⇒  
Drinking Habit   Register & View ⇒   MotherTongue Urdu
Country India State Rajasthan
City Ajmer Residency Status Citizen
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Education: ******************************

Profession: ************************************

Education Category: ******************************

Profession Category: *******************************

Annual Income: *************

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Family Status Not Provided Ancestral Origin Not Provided
Father's Details Not Provided Brothers Not Provided
Mother's Details Not Provided Sisters Not Provided
Brothers' Married  Not Provided Sisters' Married Not Provided
About Family Not Provided
Hobbies & Interests
Interests Not Provided
Hobbies Not Provided
Favourite Reads Not Provided
Favourite Music Not Provided
Favourite Movies Not Provided
Sports / Activities Not Provided
Favourite Cuisines Not Provided
Dress Styles Not Provided
Spoken Languages Not Provided
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Age Not Provided Marital Status Not Provided
Height Not Provided MotherTongue Not Provided
Community Not Provided Education Not Provided
Star Not Provided Raasi Not Provided
Complexion Not Provided Body Type Not Provided
Special Cases Not Provided Profession Not Provided
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Country Not Provided State Not Provided
Residency Status Not Provided
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Religion Not Provided Caste Not Provided
Manglik/Kuja Dosham Not Provided Diet Not Provided
Smoking Habit Not Provided Drinking Habit Not Provided
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